Craigslist has it’s pros and cons. You can find great stuff at a reasonable price or get scammed out of money, abducted and murdered. It’s truly a glorious little slice of the internet pie.

When looking for a new place to live on Craigslist, all guys have prayed that same prayer. “Dear glorious lord of luck, we pray for a simple gift — two extremely hot and successful chicks who want to share a place… and hopefully a shower with us to celebrate our new living arrangement.

Well, the internet gods have smiled upon all mankind this day. Our collective prayers have been answered with this Craigslist ad.

Two stunning blondes in the Chicago area are looking for a male roommate. These girls are the kind of sexy that makes us angry from coming to grips with the fact that we will never know what it’s like to get sweaty between the sheets with them. And they’ve done the unthinkable, they’ve given us all a shot to live the dream.

They just want a nice funny guy to live with them. They like to have fun, drink wine and do yoga. Three things that, when properly calibrated by a seasoned veteran in suggesting other activities, can easily produce the right environment for a good ole’ fashioned threesome.

And just like that you’ve stopped reading because you’re responding to the ad. It’s okay, we completely understand. We’re still waiting to hear back too.

(Click the pic for a closer look at the actual ad.)