I've been recently surprised by the number of people who had their smart phone or tablet stolen and used the tracking device to find it! But even more surprising, many of these people aren't able to actually get the device back! Read these crazy stories:

  • Someone I know once left their new tablet on a train. They used the tracking device to trace it to an apartment complex and they hung out until they heard a couple arguing about whether to keep it. They called police and it turns out it was the train driver! Someone turned the lost item into the driver and instead of giving it to the front office he kept it! Good thing it had a tracking device!

From Reddit:

  • My phone was recently stolen while I was at PCC Cascade, but through the Android program I was able to track it online to a house about 10 minutes from there. Tracking has since stopped.
  • This happened to me a few years ago. The police couldn't help me, but it was because the tracker only led to a portion of an apt. complex and wasn't specific enough. I got the feeling they would have done some knocking if we'd tracked the phone to a house.
  • Followed the GPS on the tracking app to an apartment... the app updated too slowly, and they had left the complex. We followed the signal to a park a mile away, while in contact with the police. The park was out of Portland proper, so the Gresham cops came, and while we waited for them the phone left again with two men that were clearly the current keepers of the phone. However, the gps was tracking well, and watched them get into their car (purple Dodge Neon, eww). The Gresham cop said there was nothing they could do since the phone was now back in Portland. The dudes with the phone took a trip to Mall 205... It looked like they tried to sell it to the Verizon store, but it didn't pan out. Once it was in a stable location again... we drove around the block and into the apartment complex parking lot. We saw the same car from the park two hours earlier, which was parked in an assigned parking spot correlating to an apartment. We called the Portland cops again, and two cars showed up very quickly. They went up, knocked on the door and got the iPhone back. The lovely men in the apartment claimed they were trying to get it back to the owners, and had the gall to ask if we were offering a reward."
  • Someone once came to my house to find a lost phone using Find My IPhone. The proximity is pretty wide, maybe on my block... Definitely not in my house. This person was also very rude and assumed his phone must be inside and asked to enter my home. NOPE. not the way to do it, just call the cops to find your non-911 situation.