When officers stopped Matthew Lamb, a 26-year-old from Whitefish, Montana, he was already wanted on charges of robbery. Police were able to get Lamb’s accomplice out of the car, but when they ordered Lamb to step out of the vehicle, he resisted. Then things got nutty.

Officers ordered Lamb to get on the ground, and instead of complying, Lamb took off all his clothes and mooned the officers. Then he turned around, grabbed his genitals and shook them while screaming at the police: “Go ahead and shoot me.”

The police obliged. Well, he asked for it!

Not with bullets, but with a Taser on Lamb’s naked body, neutralizing him. Officers arrested Lamb, and now he and his accomplice face felony charges of robbery, obstructing justice and resisting arrest. Turns out, the police have quite a history with Lamb, involving drugs, violence, and assault. “We’ve known him ever since he was in high school,” said officials from Cascade County police.

So this tasering was a long time coming. Who says none of our stories have a happy ending?!?

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