Maybe you have had too much to drink when you pick a fight with police officers.

Sean Aaberg, a 33-year-old Kennewick man, was allegedly refused further service at the Branding Iron Restaurant and Nightclub at 213 W. Kennewick Ave. on Sunday morning, a little after midnight. Kennewick police said he was arguing with an employee when the staff called police.

They accused Aaberg of hitting a sign and damaging it

When two Kennewick officers arrived, the 6-foot-5 Aaberg was “aggressively” walking toward them, said police Public Information Office Roman Trujillo. He reportedly wouldn’t do what he was told and refused to let police detain him.

An officer threatened to shock him with a Taser if didn’t cooperate.

“He started shouting, ‘Go ahead and tase me,’” said Trujillo.

So, they did, and it had no effect on the large man.

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As the two officers began to physically arrest him, Aarberg reportedly fought with them and bit one officer on the finger.

Police say as Aaberg struggled, his friend got too close to police. William Woodrome, a 39-year-old Kennewick man, was warned to back up but instead had to be moved by officers away from the fight by one of the two cops.

Ten officers from the Kennewick police, Benton County Sheriff’s Office and Washington State Patrol arrived to help with the arrest. Another officer used a Taser a second time on Aaberg with success.

Both Aaberg and Woodrome were arrested, but the big man still had some fight in him.

Bill Stevenson, Townsquare Media
Bill Stevenson, Townsquare Media

Police said Aaberg slipped his handcuffs to in front of him while in the back of a patrol car and began head-butting a Plexiglass screen, said Trujillo.

“He was so agitated that (Kennewick Fire Department) medics responded and administered Ketamine,” stated Kennewick police.

Ketamine is an anesthesia used to make people sleepy before surgery, according to an online source. It is also a pain reliever and can act as a hallucinogenic.

He was transported to Trios Southridge Hospital and medically cleared before being taken to jail.

A Benton County prosecutor approved keeping Aaberg in jail for 72-hours in anticipation of charging him with assault in the third degree, malicious mischief in the second degree and resisting arrest.

Woodrome was booked for obstructing a police officer and resisting arrest.

“Officers sustained minor injuries” during the fight, police said.

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