As heard on Thursday morning's Todd & Timmy's segment "Daily Dose of WTF" comes the tale of the most recent phallic field of dreams, a crop penis! Ever since the dawn of man, and the invention of art, we have drawn dicks. Some cultures in ancient times drew them on caves and buildings in hopes to bring prosperity. Now days, we do it for a laugh. Sometimes on buildings, in library books, on our passed out friends with a Sharpie. Well, if you have the space, make the art, especially if your canvas is a giant field.

The Devon and Cornwall Police were using a drone to try and find a suspect that had alluded them when drone caught this masturbatory masterpiece in a field in West Cornwall, England. After a good laugh (I hope) they decided to share the image to the group's Police Drone Facebook page.

After the initial post, many commenters went on to share other man made, man making body part pictures. Including a park walk way, a church, & even a Canadian health care center.

No word on if the police were able to find the suspect or if he remains at large. Or if he even was the one to create this phallic find. I will say, if the criminal didn't create it, and it turns out the farmer who owns the ranch didn't create it, then that leaves only one explanation... Aliens!

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