We're helping to get the word out, so none of them get shot down by irate citizens...just kidding!  But it will probably be the most drones you've seen at one time so far.

A Seattle-based drone organization is staging the Multi-GP Great Northwest Regional Finals this weekend, and will be held over the Columbia Park Soccer fields, which are just west of the Playground of Dreams. It will take place Saturday, the 15th according to FPV Racing of Seattle.

This regional event is for racers and drone flyers to try to qualify for the national event in Nevada in September. It will start at 10am and run through 4pm.

It's free to the public to attend, all are welcome to get more information about drones and their uses. Organizers and the Seattle group are part of the effort to practice and encourage responsible drone use.

Drones have come under increasing scrutiny after a number of ongoing incidents involving a few irresponsible pilots. Some of their activities with the drones have led to a few of them actually being shot at by upset citizens--usually over privacy issues.

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