When I was little, I was often curious about things that went on in baseball clubhouses. How do they know which jersey to wear? Has anyone ever worn the wrong jersey?

Apparently, yes.

Inside your standard MLB locker, you have many jerseys hanging up, along with any other clothing you may need. Your batting practice jersey and hat, your warm-up jacket, any home or away jerseys your team uses. With more and more uniforms being used by teams to increase jersey sales, there may be four different jerseys hanging in your locker.

I'm not sure how the players know what uniform (outside of home whites and road grays) the team decides to wear, I've heard the starting pitcher that day picks the threads. But, somehow the players all come out wearing the same uniforms.

Today, the Chicago Cubs were supposed to wear their alternate road grey uniform. This particular jersey reads "CUBS" across the front, as opposed to their usual "Chicago."

Outfielder Junior Lake didn't get the memo. He played the entire first inning wearing the wrong jersey. I don't know how his teammates missed it, or how he missed it. He found the correct jersey by the second inning, but he definitely had the wrong one on in the first.

Good one, Junior.

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