Remember a few years ago when the New Orleans Saints ('aints?) finally won the Super Bowl by upsetting Manning and the Colts? Well, now sports experts are predicting the single greatest championship curse could end this fall.

According to data released by the Westgate Sports Superbook by way of ESPN, the Chicago Cubs are 4-1 favorites to win the World Series this fall.  Yes-the Cubs! It's been 107 years since they last won the World Series (1908) BUT the did make the playoffs last year, and knocked off the Cardinals in the Divisional round.

But really, they could. They came off one of their best seasons ever, and with a lot of young talent, they could unseat the Cardinals, or Giants in the National League.  Here's a look at where the teams came in and their chances to win it all. Now remember, these are just predictions.

  • Cubs 4-1
  • Houston Astros, LA Dodgers 10-1
  • Red Sox, Giants, Mets, 12-1
  • Toronto Blue Jays, Yankees, Washington Nationals 14-1
  • Cleveland Indians 16-1
  • Cardinals, Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates and the defending champion Royals, all 18-1 (Royals picked so low due to difficulty of repeating).
  • Arizona Diamondbacks, Angels, White Sox, Detroit Tigers 30-1
  • Seattle Mariners, Tampa Rays and Minnesota Twins 40-1
  • Baltimore Orioles 60-1
  • Miami Marlins 80-1
  • Oakland A's (My favorite team!) and San Diego 100-1
  • Milwaukee Brewers, Colorado Rockies 300-1

And fans of these teams will be going to the ballpark mostly for the promotions, atmosphere and contests:

  • Reds 300-1
  • Phillies, Atlanta Braves 500-1

We will have to check back in about two months, and see how these predictions are faring.

By the way, in case you're wondering, the two teams that have NEVER even been to the World Series are the Cleveland Indians, and yes, the Seattle Mariners.

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