Sunday afternoon, Pasco Police were able to defuse what could have been a very volatile situation.

Around 3:40PM, Officers responded outside of Lourdes ER, for a man who was appearing to be very despondent, agitated, and armed with two large knives. He had previously been seen walking through a nearby residential neighborhood.

Pasco Police, SWAT and others responded, prepared with Tasers and a 37MM projectile launcher. But it turned out they were not needed. The man entered the ER and continued his erratic and disturbing behavior, but was able to be subdued by three officers at the scene without having to use the special equipment.

One of weapons man was waving during incident (PPD)
One of weapons man was waving during incident (PPD)

His violent behavior initially did not make him a candidate for what's called a Diversion, where certain crimes can qualify for a special program that doesn't involve jail time.

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However, despite his struggle with officers, one Policeman was able to talk to the suspect and got him to calm down and agree to an examination by Lourdes staff. It is believed he was suffering from a mental health episode. Sadly, Officers say sometimes even these individuals require a stay in detox with the lock on the outside of the door until they can be 'weaned' off potential additional substances the person may have taken besides prescribed therapy meds.

In this case, the man will be receiving the help he needs but due to this violent incident, charges have been filed and he will not qualify for Diversion--which only covers non-violent crimes.

His presence and the incident in the ER caused it to be shut down for well over an hour Sunday afternoon. But at least he was apprehended without having to use the non-lethal methods that were brought there by Officers.


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