We've had a few ill-advised internet challenges circulate social media. The tide pod challenge was so rampant, news anchors and "experts" had convinced older folks that it was a generational epidemic. I just want to clarify, that was not a trend started by millennials. Contrary to popular belief, that was all Generation Z's genius.

But I have a feeling within the next month or so, "experts" will be warning you about the dangers of dipping your testicles in orange juice or soy sauce. While not widespread like the Tide Pod Challenge, numerous "future doctors" were posting the findings of their research on TikTok.

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But, why would men around the country be doing that at all? Well, it's not exactly new information, but testicles have taste receptors. A lot of your body does. You could find them in your brain, but I wouldn't suggest doing that by yourself.

I've got to level with you. My wife really wanted me to try to "taste" some orange juice and I wanted to be a good husband. Do you know what I found as a result of my research? I tasted nothing, and the acidic qualities of the orange juice really stung.

So what is the purpose of taste buds on your junk? Scientists aren't exactly sure. But they don't know all of the functions the taste buds in your mouth serve, either. However, they do believe it has something to do with fertility and reproduction. Researchers examined mice and found that when they had the taste receptors removed, it rendered the critters infertile. (How do you remove them? Do you just scrub them away?)

So what do you do with this information? Well, I wouldn't suggest trying to "taste" anything, but it certainly would be a nice "fun fact" to stow in your back pocket for later use in awkward conversations like a first date or job interview.

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