I go to movies by myself all the time. I don't have an issue with it. Some people will NEVER go to a movie alone. I think that's weird. They think I'm weird. You weigh in here.


  • Watching a movie is a solo sport. It may be fun to "go" to the theater together -- as in travel, but under that theory going to the grocery store together should be a hoot.
  • You're not supposed to talk to anyone -- you're not even supposed to text anyone. Why would you need other people see a movie?
  • It's a horrible date idea since the two of you didn't really spend any time together, except maybe sitting next to each other facing the same direction. If that's what gets you off, do you know what's even cheaper? Riding the bus together.
  • Going maverick means you don't worry about anyone else's schedule.
  • You don't need to debate which flick you're going to see.
  • You never have to float the ticket money to anyone.
  • If the movie sucks you can just get up and leave.


  • Going to "the theater" has always been a date or friend-group activity. You can also dance by yourself, but that doesn't mean it's fun to go to a dance by yourself.
  • Everyone else at the theater is with someone. You'll look like a loser with no friends.
  • When you go to an unpopular movie and it's just a bunch of solo guys, it feels like you're at a porno. (And if the movie is "300" with the extended oracle dance by the underage chick in the see-through dress, then it DEFINITELY feels like a porno)
  • When you're in an unpopular movie with soloist men and women, you feel the urge to go talk to them: "We're a small tribe, we 'Lincoln' fans. Maybe we should exchange contact information, you know, in case one of us dies and is left rotting in our apartment for months before the landlord finds us."
  • If you go to a premiere by yourself you look like a jerk. Everyone else is thinking, "Your GF, SO or Bros couldn't make it so instead of waiting you're just going alone? Classy."