If you love music and alcohol, then congratulations, you are just like us. But have you ever been listening to a band and wondered aloud ‘what type of adult beverage would go best with this song?’ Well if that’s the situation, then Drinkify has you covered. If only you got off your lazy butt and invented it first. Slacker.

Drinkify tells users exactly what drink goes with their favorite music. Whether you like pop, rock, metal, rap or classical they have a suggestion.

We hit shuffle on the iPod and decided to go on a booze filled musical journey. Here our the artists that popped up and the suggested drinks for each.

  • Johnny Cash – Jack Daniels with a touch of honey.
  • Foo Fighters – Miller High Life.
  • Nickelback – Jack Daniels, Worcestershire sauce and scotch (that must be a punishment for listening to Nickelback).
  • Dean Martin – Bottle of red wine
  • Lady Gaga – vodka on the rocks
  • Backstreet Boys – Redbull

Okay, so towards the end we got a little bit weird, but is anyone surprised that the Backstreet Boys is void of alcohol? Never mind why it’s on our iPod. Just go check out Drinkify and start making your own alcohol inspired playlist.

Now excuse us, we aren’t feeling so hot. All this boy band music is making us want to vomit and we haven’t even had a drink yet.