A 19-year-old Pasco teen is facing homicide charges after pills he gave to a 17-year-old killed the youth.

Luis Fernando Martinez is facing what is known as controlled substance homicide, a fairly newer charge that's used to prosecute dealers whose 'products' end up killing another person.

Martinez admitted to police he sold oxycodone pills to the 17-year-old. They'd been smoking in the park together before they both went to a friend's apartment where the drugs were sold. Court records show communications between the two about the selling of drugs.

Authorities say the pills contained fentanyl, which is what killed the teen. The teen apparently overdosed on the pills, when he was found, say court documents, he was already stiff and blue, and efforts to revive him failed.

Officials say the 17-year-old died one day before he was scheduled to enter rehab to battle his drug addictions. Another court date is scheduled for Martinez next week.

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