Around 3AM Thursday morning, Kennewick Police just had to follow the trail of car parts and fluids to nab a suspected drunk driver accused of a hit and run.

Police were called to the 1600 block of West 21st, and were told by a witness that a car had plowed into a fence then tried to speed away. We say tried because the driver left behind the nose-grill piece, other bits and pieces were falling off as well.

Officers only had to follow the trail of fluids and caught up with 22-year-old Ivan Esquivel-Lopez near 26th and Vancouver. He was still in the car when officers arrived, he tried to run but was quickly apprehended. Besides Hit and Run charges, he is also accused of DUI.

Not much left of the car to two, he probably won't even want to bother getting it out of impound when he's out of jail.

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