I wasn't able to make any of the sold out Pearl Jam shows in either Seattle, Portland, or Spokane. Instead I searched out some YouTube clips to fill the void.

While digging through some of the fan uploads, I came across this gem from the Spokane stop. A fan, rocking some crazy long dreadlocks, draping past his butt, held up a sign that said he would shave his head if the band played the song 'Brain of J'.

Frontman Eddie Vedder took notice and invited the fan onstage. As PJ belted out the lead track from the 1998 album 'Yield', the elated fan thrashed his hair for one final time. Part way through the song Eddie pulls out the clippers and goes to work on the fan's new, much shorter hair do. In this photo you can see the fan's reaction to losing one of his largest dreads, which he had named 'Papa'. Talk about die hard.

This is just so insanely awesome. Although it's only about 14 months in and not nearly the dedication that those dreads took, I would sacrifice my beard to kick it with one of my favorites if they obliged. What would you give up to hang out on stage with your favorite band playing one of your favorite songs?! Drop your answer in the comment section below.

Watch Eddie Vedder Shaves Off Fan's Dreadlocks at the Pearl Jam Show in Spokane