Do you like blowing crap up, killing psychotic futuristic terrorists and strangling attack dogs? Well, if you do, but you’re too much of a pansy to duke it out in the sand in real-time, the next installation of the best-selling war franchise Call of Duty: Black Ops 2  will be released later this year and GuySpeed, Ultimate Classic Rock and Loudwire want to give you a chance to win an Xbox 360 and a copy of the game.

The game sounds pretty sick — The year is 2025 and you are thrown into the middle of a global conflict. Think of it as a new Cold War. Don’t worry, because you’re armed with unfathomably advanced weaponry, robotics and, of course, drooooones. Combine that with killer new graphics, a newly-styled campaign mode that features branching story lines and “non-linear” missions. Oh, and they’ve also completely re-imagined multiplayer mode and…wait for it…created “the most diverse and biggest zombies experience ever.” All in all, it looks like the world of virtual death-dealing just clicked into hyperdrive.

Don’t fret all you faux-sociopathic fanatics, you don’t have to choke on the water that’s starting to accumulate in your mouth waiting to get the cyber bloodbath underway thanks to your friendly neighborhood GameStop. They’re offering gamers the chance to win an exclusive pre-ordered copy before it even goes on sale! There are four waves of pre-order bonuses at GameStop for COD: Black Ops II. The first is an exclusive, limited edition two-sided poster. Customers are invited to show off their poster by snapping a picture with the limited edition poster and sharing it on Twitter or Facebook using #GSFIRSTWAVE.

In conjunction with GameStop, we are offering a free XBox 360 and a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The XBox shows up on your doorstep ASAP and the game launches into your mailbox as soon as it’s released. Just enter your email below and pray.


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