An infectious disease expert at the University of Washington responsible for bringinging in millions in research funding and appearing on television news to explain world-wide outbreaks was fired this summer.

Despite his tenure and prestige it was revealed his sexual harassment record was astonishing. Among other allegations, it was revealed the researcher hired one assistant to handle his sexual calendar -- setting up appointments with prostitutes and running his dating profiles along with making hair and nail appointments. They never had a relationship although he sexually harassed her frequently.

At one point he hired (through the department) another woman to be his girlfriend. The woman and her son were given money and gifts in return for her sexual favors. These were not perks or gifts for sleeping with the boss -- he regularly threatened her for not making herself available.

Experts say he must have thought himself too powerful to be fired, but when the majority of his staff resigned the university did a serious investigation and were startled by the findings.

Brian Chase, Thinkstock