I always look forward to this time of year. MLB Playoffs are just around the corner, the NFL starts up soon, there is very little talk about the NBA, and most importantly...the Fantasy Football Draft.

I have my draft coming up Wednesday at a local establishment in the Downtown Kennewick area. I've got the 6th pick in our league of 10 and I have yet to even look at any depth charts, by weeks, or position rankings. I mean, I've watched a few pre-season games, tuned into the NFL Network a little bit, and watch Sportscenter regularly, but I'm not getting into it as heavily as I have in years past.

I've had those years where I did a dozen mock drafts and whittled down my rankings for players at every position...but then finished just a few points ahead of last place. Made my last couple months of research seem absolutely pointless.

I'm taking a different approach this year.

Instead of going all out with the in-depth research, I plan on sitting down the day before my draft (tomorrow) for about 2 hours and looking through depth charts, schedules, and player rankings. That's it. No mocks and no overly adjusted player rankings. I'm completely changing my strategy, bust sticking with one rule...my only draft rule: No Seahawks.

What's your approach to Fantasy Football? Leave your strategies and draft tips in the comment section below and remember: Kickers always go fast!