Poor, dumb saps who aren't playing 97 Rock's Pro-Football Pick'Ems are likely playing Fantasy Football instead (or hopefully, in addition to). Online magazine Slate.com turned Fantasy Football team names into a graph. You'll be surprised what you can learn from the graph!

The most common theme among team names is sexual with 756-known teams named "Show Me Your TDs." No. 5 is "Victorious Secret" and No. 9 is "Multiple Scorgasms" (Scoregasms is No. 22!).

My favorite is No. 2 -- that's right, is the SECOND MOST POPULAR NAME KNOWN -- "Beats by Ray" (get it? Ray Rice, Beats by Dre?). Clever, but apparently not that clever if at least 421 other people thought of it.

Several names are humorous references to the TV show "The League." Even though I don't listen to much Lil Jon, I have to applaud the name "Turn Down for Watt" favored by at least 257 FF'ers.

As much fun as Fantasy Football is, does it allow you to win $50 to Uncle Sam's Saloon every week? What about $500 at the end of the season? Or a chance at $10,000? Don't be an idiot managing your team "Morning Woodhead" (No. 24 with at least 117) while the rest of 97 Rock's listeners are playing PICK'EMS and winning food and cash.