A Kennewick Fire support truck and other vehicles rolled up to the Robinson Apartments at 4200 West Kennewick Ave. early Wednesday morning, as investigators began to pinpoint the exact cause of a huge blaze that gutted the interior of four apartments Tuesday afternoon.

We spoke with investigators at the scene, as they put on the fire gear and prepared to comb through the blackened interior.  The outside of the structure is still intact, but the windows are blown out, and every square inch of the interior visible from the outside was torched black. The interiors looked like someone completely sprayed the interior with charcoal paint.

Kennewick apartments badly burned in fire (Townsquare media image)

Visible charred wood, drywall and other severe damage could be seen.  Some news reports claim the fire was caused by a stove burner left on, but the investigator we talked to said that has not been confirmed.

They do know the fire broke out in the bottom floor unit in the back Southwest corner of the building, and quickly spread to three other units.  Clothes and some other personal effects were scattered all over the grass outside.

The investigator said they don't know if the structure can be repaired, they will find out more once they get inside and examine the support structure, walls and beams.  He said it depends upon how much damage was done to the framework. Once a final report is finished, it will be up to the insurance company if the building is worth repairing, or needs to be leveled and rebuilt.