The Department of Ecology has handed down a large fine for a Franklin County farmer, accused of illegally taking water from the Snake River, and the fine is hefty.

$304K has been issued for Frank Tiegs LLC building two center pivot systems to irrigate a lot of acreages.  2021 saw much of our region under drought conditions, we got just of half the amount of normal rainfall we see each year.

 However, a knowledgeable source has told Newstalk870 that it's almost certain Tiegs believed he had the proper authority and permits etc. to do the draw, otherwise he would not have built such an extensive system. He's a long-time savvy property owner and farmer, said the source.  It appears the 'truth' is somewhere in the middle.

Franklin County Farmer Smacked with Massive Water Theft Fine

Frank Tiegs of Franklin County was accused of water theft from Snake River. Needed water for a section of farm, especially under our 2021 drought conditions.

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