Just three weeks ago, a school in Bellingham was closed due to excellent weather. Something that will never happen on our side of the state. Then again, I didn't think our side of the state would have a snow day in May. That is exactly what happened last night as the town of Bickleton in Klickitas County was hit with up to a foot of snow in some areas!

According to KAPP TV, there were numerous power and phone outages in town and school was canceled for 170 K-12 students. Utilities should be restored and school will resume on Thursday.

If you have any photos from the storm, send them in to 97rockpics@gmail.com or you can share them on the 97 Rock Facebook page.

Growing up in the Tri-Cities, I can remember snow as late in the year as March and as early as October, but never in May. During our little storm last night in TC I wasn't even thinking about snow, I was hoping for a sweet light show...that never happened.

What was one of the weirdest/freakiest storms in the Tri-Cities you can remember?

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