A documented gang member who was fleeing Pasco police in a stolen vehicle was given 8 and 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty in an April 2 crash.

Miguel A. Paniagua, 24, was westbound on Sylvester street fleeing a police pullover when authorities called off the pursuit due to traffic safety concerns. Paniagua, in a stolen truck, continued at a high rate of speed and eventually slammed broadside into a car driven by Jason Smith, killing the husband and father of two.

Paniagua was later arrested by police, he plead guilty to four felonies related to the crash.  He had fled after an officer tried to pull him over because he was already wanted for numerous failure to pay penalties from previous crimes and other issues.

Paniagua did not disagree with the prosecution, nor did he choose to take the stand during the trial.

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