Five Extremely Strange Laws In Washington State
Every state has some weird laws hanging around from back in the day, you'd be surprised how dumb some of them are. My favorite thing about looking into these laws, most of them aren't enforced and are just hilarious to read. The best thing about it is it means someone did something dumb en…
You Can Now Communicate With Most Prisoners Online!
Remember pen pals? Remember when a stamp could send your feelings across the world, how meaningful and rewarding writing an actual letter was? With today's technology and high-speed EVERYTHING, written letters are more and more of a dying trend -- even behind prison walls...
Date a Pacific Northwest Prisoner Via
Having a hard time meeting that special someone? Try looking at your local penitentiary via!
Dating an inmate seems unconventional but I imagine that it has its perks. If you struggle with commitment, but are looking for someone loyal, why NOT date someone at arm's length?!