Looking good naked leads to romance in the pants. It's that simple.

I've been crowing about this on-air since the start of 2017.

Uh, what?

I want to know how someone came up with this idea. And how did they find people BRAVE enough to test it on?

Genital freezing is a new trend when you go to a spa that offers it, they blast your junk with a freezing mist made out of liquid nitrogen. And it has two main effects...

Number one, that rush of cold down there gets your blood flowing, which makes you extra TURNED ON and makes sex feel better. And number two, your brain responds to the cold by boosting the collagen levels down there, which makes your junk look BETTER. We're talking more youthful, more vibrant, and tighter skin. If you can find a place that will do it, (big surprise, no one in Tri-Cities does) it takes a half hour and should cost around $60.

I have questions.

How long does said blast, last? I mean do you have to rush to the nearest motel that charges by the hour to have you and your partner admire your pretty work? Talk to me about in-house specials? Happy endings?

Can I help with creative ad slogans?


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