A GoPro camera allowed users to capture the action hands-free but the little bugger just got even sweeter.

We've been fans of the GoPro for a while now, and so we were pumped to find out about the new car mount, which will let us document our sweet parking lot donuts, pro-style. Or you know, just pretend we're the google maps car. That would be fun, too.

Sure, you could also duct tape a camera to the hood of your car and hope for the best, but we love an excuse to own a professional tool/gadget that makes us feel cool, so we're stoked to add the VectorMount GoPro Hood Mount to the top of our Christmas list.

Don't own a GoPro camera yet? Hop on YouTube and you'll find a million reasons to buy one, but here is one of our favorites: a surfing babe, because, well obviously.