Ghost will drop their new album, Prequelle, on June 1. Their previous album, Meliora, won a Grammy in 2016 for the lead single "Cirice."

Rock in Rio 2013
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Along the way, Ghost have made fans from rock legends including James Hetfield, who has played "Cirice" during the band's long-fabled pre-show warm-ups.

Last week, a new music video for "Dance Macabre" featured Instagram posts of M. Shadows, Kirk Hammett, Philip Anselmo, Chris Jericho and more dancing to the new song.

One YouTuber came up with a genius plan. Being a big Ghost fan, he had become musically in tune with the band's style. So he covered the song before he even heard it.

He was right on the money when it came to the growled "rrrrratssss" vocals.

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