Ufo's are becoming more and more common in the 21st century, even the U.S military has acknowledged their existence to the public. Stories have surfaced since the early 1900s of UFO's but people wrote others off and claimed them to be crazy, now in 2021, we know better.

Not only have people captured photos and videos on their cell phones but some even have full-blown stories of encounters of the 4th kind. In this article, we'll take a look at some stories claiming to have found proof of UFOs here in Washington state.

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To start we'll take a look into Ocean Shores, 2018 multiple reached out to emergency services claiming to see an orange ball of light flying along the coastline. It woke some people out of a dead sleep as it filled their rooms with light. One man claimed to have wakened up from the light and find the object in the sky, he rolled over to wake up his wife, and by the time she woke the object had doubled in size. Other onlookers had also called in to report what they had seen. Marking this as a mass witnessed event.

Next, we move to Lakewood Washington, where a local was out with their dog when he saw an orangish-red glow along with the trees, it quickly took shape of a triangle and moved above the tree line. Slowly the object would move to the man's left, as it did the lights on the ship turned to blue and green, it slowly moved out of sight behind a line of buildings when it reappeared it was over the top of him shining a bright light, he said it felt like he was being scanned. The ship quickly took off leaving him with a fear to move his walk time to later in the day.

We finish these stories in Port Angeles where multiple people claimed to see a large wing-shaped aircraft with no fuselage and an almost transparent bottom that the people could see what looked like chairs and a singular body. The scariest part of this is the original people claimed it went north towards British Columbia and then found its way back over towards Whidbey Island. The hair-raising part of this story is all the other people who contacted authorities claiming to see the same thing...in British Columbia, Grapeview, Alan, and Whidbey Island. All the places the ship was claimed to originally fly over by the original people who had spotted it.

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