The video for Hellyeah‘s single ‘Band of Brothers’ album has been unleashed. The tune is the title track off the band’s upcoming album, due July 17. Check out the video and enter to win tickets to see Hellyeah with Volbeat and Iced Earth at the Toyota Arena in Kennewick!

The video for ‘Band of Brothers’ is pretty straightforward. It features the band performing, with a lot of close ups, quick cuts and flames. Vocalist Chad Gray is often shown in black and white except for his blue eyes, which is somewhat unsettling. Gray utilizes a lot of different vocal styles on the song, from spoken word to yells to melodic singing.

Gray comments on the album: “I’m really excited about what we’ve done on this new album. I’ve always separated Mudvayne and Hellyeah as much as I could, even though it was my voice. Melodies, lyrics and just the overall style of writing were different. With ‘Band of Brothers,’ I just quit being afraid of who I am in relation to this band. I think we’ve all really gotten back to the original roots of what we’ve done individually and brought it together on this album. As an artist, as long as you’re painting with your own brush, no one can compare or challenge you. I just painted with a bigger, heavier brush than I had with Hellyeah in the past. I think this is what fans have always expected to hear from us, and now were giving it to them.”

Hellyeah are currently finishing up a tour that includes a stop at the Rocklahoma festival. They’ll follow this jaunt up with a run with Volbeat beginning June 18 and stopping at the Toyota Arena in Kennewick on Thursday July 5th.

The song ‘Band of Brothers’ is also competing in Loudwire’s current Cage Match against Tremonti. You can cast your vote until Wednesday, May 23 at 8AM eastern.

Watch the Hellyeah ‘Band of Brothers’ Video

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