Living in the sports-loving Mid-Columbia, most people have at least one or more high school football teams they support and follow. Ours is the Kamiakin Braves (son Dhylan plays football and baseball there).  Like many, we try to get to at least two or three home games at Lampson Stadium. But also like many fans, it's nearly impossible to get score updates for road games - and even home games we can't get to.

Here's THE solution!

Unlike 35-40 years ago, when Richland, Kennewick, Kamiakin and Pasco had their 'own' radio stations who carried every game,  getting score updates for your team is pretty difficult. Whether it's Kiona-Benton, Hanford, Kamiakin or Riverview,  unless you've got somebody at the game texting you, often you won't know who won until Saturday.

But after much experimentation, we've discovered a sure-fire way: Twitter!  Now, don't be intimidated by all the Hash-Tag this and that, or the @ this and that.  There's a terrific site that constantly updates games from all over the state, from B-8 man up through 4-A.

It's wafbscores on twitter.  Here's how to utilize it.  Got to and create your own account.  Then search for wafbscores.  Click where it asks you to follow them, and away you go. (wafb stands for washington football, then of course, scores).   To refresh, you just swipe down from the top of your phone like you would to refresh the Facebook app.  Twitter will even prompt you on how to do this.

And, because you have to limit posts to 140 characters or less, your updates will be concise and to the point.

Friday nights, just click over to wafbscores on your twitter feed and watch the information pour in.  Not only can you get reasonable updates on all the Tri-City and Mid Columbia Conference schools, but you can find out how other schools in the region are doing as well.   Hundreds of sports broadcasters, stat keepers, and fans update hundreds of games - it's virtually impossible NOT to get updates on your favorite team.

And if you're searching, you can post on wafbscores that you're looking for a certain update, and someone will usually tweet some information to you or on the site.

So, don't miss a score with your favorite team, on the road or at home.   It's worth setting up a Twitter account just for this feature.


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