First of all, what is a lockout, like what we are seeing in Major League Baseball?  It's the opposite of a player strike.  Owners and teams 'lockout,' or prevent the players from engaging in any activities, training, or other functions directly involving the club.

Tri City Dust Devils won't be affected by MLB Lockout, Season is planned

As explained by the TV station NBC Washington, this is what's happening:

"MLB officially entered a lockout at midnight on Dec. 2, 2021, when the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) expired without a new deal between the owners and players. League owners and the MLBPA have been far apart on many issues, which has prevented a deal from getting done."

However, the Dust Devils will have a season. The team released a statement reading in part:

"Minor League Operations will continue uninterrupted, as players who are not on the 40-man (MLB) roster or signed to an MLB (official) contract will be unaffected. " (MLB and official added for explanation). 

The Dust Devils season opener will be April 12th, and a full season is planned.

As long as a player is not signed to one of the MLB teams or part of their 40-man roster, they are free and clear to play.

MLB has canceled the first two season-opening series of the regular season, MLB baseball was due to have Opening Day on March 31st.  It is not known how long this will last, but some experts on ESPN and FOX Sports are saying it could be May before we have MLB baseball. That includes the Mariners.

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The Dust Devils will again be the High "A" affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

For more details about the Dust Devils upcoming season, which will be broadcast on Newstalk870AM, FM 98.7 and on our Mobile App, click here. 

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