A landscaping ordinance mulled by Hermiston's city council has huge support, but also major critics.

The basic idea of the ordinance is to require new developments to include more landscaping, and keep trash bins and mechanical features like air conditioning units away from public view.

The details are still getting hammered out. One part requires a developer to preserve natural vegetation, but some residents are complaining Hermiston's natural vegetation is goatheads (puncture vines)!

The idea of preserving or creating more green space is generally a supported proposal. Critics complain Hermiston is missing out on attracting new businesses and residents because they find more attractive places to live while shopping for a new community.

Hermiston has a lot going for it, though. The high school just expanded into the old county fairgrounds, providing ample room for new athletic facilities. The fairgrounds gets a new facility south of town, along with a huge convention center. The weapons depot is shut down and cleaned up, improving the community's reputation. The community is home to attractive parks, including a fantastic aquatics center. The July 4 celebration is getting bigger and the Watermelon Festival has returned.