When the Morrow County Sheriff's Office got a 911 call about a possible suicidal female who was in route to the Columbia River from the City of Boardman, Oregon, units from the Boardman Police Department and Morrow County Sheriff's Office were dispatched and began searching for the reported female.

Morrow County Sheriff's Office Marine Deputy Mike Cahill was to deploy his boat approximately a half-mile downstream from Channel Marker 40 at Sailboard Beach in Boardman.

Before he could attempt to launch his boat, the deputy observed a female in the water about 50-75 yards off the shore line, in three-to-four feet swells with visible white caps. Deputy Cahill saw the female was in the water up to her neck and going farther out to  even deeper water.

With no time to deploy the craft, the deputy immediately went in the water attempting to rescue the female.

As he approached, Deputy Cahill could see her go under twice and the last time she was under, literally submerged for few seconds, before he was able to grab her. The deputy was able to get both of her arms at the elbows and tell her he was a Marine Deputy and he wanted to take her back to the shore. She immediately tried to break loose, at which point  Deputy Cahill was able to control her and successfully keep her from pulling away all the while she was begging him to let her go.

Deputy Cahill was working against the water, wind, current and the female he was attempting to rescue.

Once in waist-deep water, Deputy Cahill was aided in the rescue by Boardman Chief of Police Rick Stokoe and Officer Martin Martinez. They entered the water to help control the female.

Deputy Cahill was in the water struggling with the rescue almost 15 minutes before the woman could be contained and properly brought to shore.

This team effort saved a woman's life.


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