The 2019 Spring Home & Garden Show at TRAC in Pasco is THIS WEEKEND (Feb. 22, 10a-7p, Feb. 23, 10-7p, Feb. 24, 10a-4p). This is where you go learn about improving that tomato garden, replacing those pesky sprinkler heads, and dream of remodeling your bathroom. RIGHT NOW you can enter to win a $2,000 refrigerator from Fred's Appliances and the Home & Garden Show!

Win a $2,000 Refrigerator from Fred's Appliances and the Spring Home & Garden Show!

The 2019 Regional Home & Garden Show at TRAC in Pasco is THIS WEEKEND (Feb. 22-24) and to celebrate we're giving away a refrigerator with Fred's Appliances!
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My 10 favorite things about the Spring Home & Garden Show:

1. Walking the displays (there's often a gazebo/water fountain/paved path setup).

2. Doing crafts with my kids

3. Swinging in the hammocks

4. Sampling the food vendors (will the vinaigrette people be there again?)

5. Shopping the lawn art (my gnomes are lonely, I think)

6. Taking home a new mop or broom

7. Fantasizing about building a man cave/tiny house in one of those deluxe sheds


9. Picking up gardening tips from the WSU Extension Office booth

10. Getting business cards from contractors for the big summer projects I have planned (siding DONE, roof NEXT -- should I look into solar panels?).