Pasco Police reported Monday a suspect sought in a Thursday (July 8) car theft is behind bars.

According to officers, a 25-year-old Burbank man was staying with an acquaintance in Pasco, but when the man returned home Thursday, his car was gone...and so was the so-called friend.

Jorge Arturo Oliva-Licon was the person staying there, and with him went a red 1994 Honda Accord. Every year, Hondas remain one of the most stolen cars in America.

However Friday, the car was spotted by a sharp-eyed Pasco Officer on patrol. The car was parked outside of a laundromat near Oregon Ave. and Lewis St. in Pasco. The officer has been called there for a report of a reckless driver.

In the parking lot, he found the stolen Honda, but nobody was in the facility at the time, at least no one who matched Licon's description. However, the officer noticed the bathroom door was locked.

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When Licon emerged he matched the description of the theft suspect, and how he's in jail.

According to Police, Licon had been able to hotwire and steal the car without the keys, which had still been in possession of the owner.

The case remains under investigation.

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