Sure "Little Miss Sunshine" is funny, but it's not your daughter dancing the "Super Freak." As dads, as parents, how can we stop little girls from dancing sexy? They learn it from each other. My daughter is already starting moves that make me nervous and she's three.
She learns it from her friends at preschool. They dance around and she sees them dance. Hip sways, mini twerking... I can't describe it man, I'm not a dancer so I don't know what the moves are called.

It just made me uncomfortable as a dad to see my daughter dance as a woman and it was freaking me out.

How do we stop that? Is it possible to stop that?

Or are our daughters destined to dance like little hookers by the time they're 13? I didn't mean to use the word hookers, what word would you use?

I don't want to stop her from dancing, but it makes me nervous.

These 7 year olds below? NOT MY DAUGHTER! These girls are amazing dancers, but they shouldn't be doing those dance moves at age 7. Something a little more 7-year-oldish.

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