A child misbehaves and as punishment, the child is humiliated by having to hold a sign in a public area stating what they had done wrong. This kind of scenario has risen in popularity as numerous forms of social media become more popular.

I've seen it in other parts of the country, but hadn't witnessed one in the Tri-Cities until last night when I came across a photo on Facebook. A child was standing near the corner of Leslie Blvd. and Rachel Rd. in Richland holding a sign saying, "I snuck out to get high and pooped on my neighbors porch because it was funny...not so funny now."


Got caught with your pants down on that one, bud. Too bad that turd you laid actually got you into an even stinkier situation. Do you agree with this form of parenting? Some say it is cruel to embarrass your child in this way.

SideNote: What I imagined when I read 'pooped' in the Facebook photo caption: This kid and his stoned out buddies rolling on the ground laughing like Billy Madison after the Old Man Clemens and the flaming bag of 'poop' scenario.

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