We've been watching a lot of "The Clone Wars" -- the animated series. They've brought back Darth Maul for season five. They introduced his brother in season 4 (yellow and bigger, but not nearly as powerful -- or evil). Darth Maul survived the fall. He'd been living in the trash pile without legs. His brother gets him robotic legs (like Luke Skywalker's hand and most of Darth Vader's body). Now Darth Maul is back and badder than ever.Guess what? My daughter is rooting for Darth Maul. It's because he's my wife's favorite character.

The natural consequence is that now they're cheering for the Sith!!!

My daughter has gone to the Dark Side!

I guess I'm a little uncomfortable because, honestly, I'e always gravitated to the Dark Side characters myself. They're more interesting. And I have to agree Darth Maul is the coolest Star Wars character of all time (or at least tied with Boba Fett).


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