One of the struggles I've had as a young adult is funding my skateboarding habit. Apparently, I am not alone. You can tell yourself that you won't need to replace your parts, but you will. I buy my parts online, because I like to find the price I can live with, and there aren't an overwhelming amount of skate shops in the Tri-Cities not named Zumiez.

Toby Otter, Flickr
Toby Otter, Flickr

Here's a list of shops I trust to supply the good parts you need for the price you need.

The-House - Based in Montana. I bought my first deck here. I get my shoes that I use for skating from here. I've found a lot of shoes for under $20. You also get a full sheet of cool stickers with your order. They also give you free items with your purchase. Free socks with any shoe purchase.

Daddie's Board Shop - Based out of Portland, Oregon. I got my trucks from here for a good price.

SoCal Skateshop - From Southern California. You can find the gear you need for a price that won't suck. The owner is a skateboarder who knows how costly it can be to board. I got good performance bearings for under $20. They also have good deals on wheels.

TGM - Based in Michigan. Home of the $79.95 Complete. I got my new deck for $25.


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