I just stumbled upon this today. It's a skate board (looks like it could be a long board) that rolls effortlessly down stairs! I'm not a mechanical engineer but it looks to me like the board has eight wheels -- four on each side -- and as the board goes down the stairs the wheels alternate so there's always a pair on the ground creating a smooth ride.

Watch the Stair Rover in Action

Po-Chih Lai , the inventor of the Stair Rover, talks about the board on his website

The piece aims to expanding the capability and possibility of extreme sports as we understand them. This advanced boarding activity turns boundaries and restrictions into a positive and creative physical inquiry into the ever kinesis of the urban ecosystem.

The Stair Rover currently has no price attached to it and is currently being redesigned for production. Look for it to hit the streets sometime in 2013. Stay updated on the Stair Rover's Facebook.

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