You've probably heard us talking on the air about signing up for the 97 Rock Nation, and how it can win you prizes. Even if you've already signed up, this walkthrough can help you earn more points to win prizes with 97 Rock.


First, you'll want to sign up. I've selected the sign up button on the 97 Rock home page.


You'll see this sign up box pop up. It will give you two different ways to sign up. Using Facebook will fill out all of your information by default. You can also choose to sign up the traditional way.

The actual sign up process is quick. After completing the registration, click "REGISTER" at the very bottom.


From here, you've already earned points from signing up. Next, you'll head over to the ROCK NATION tab, where you have the option to choose between earning points, and using points. Let's earn some points.


There are many ways to win points, including listening to the 4:20 Shuffle Song of the Day every week day, Mandatory Metallica, the Loudwire Report, and more. You can even play the slots and take quizzes and polls on our website.


Here, you can see I won a few points playing the slots.


Here, you can see your Rock Nation profile. This is where you can check your point balance, transaction history, as well as the prizes you've won.


I want to enter to win tickets to go see Five Finger Death Punch. I found the entry form in the Rock Nation tabs. I can buy as many entries as I want, for 500 points an entry. I have a better chance of winning with each entry I get.


There are more prizes that you can claim with your points such as movie tickets. You don't have to be drawn to win. If you have enough points, you can just claim your prize.


You can also claim digital downloads of your favorite CD's. I am going to see if I can spend my points to get the new Staind CD.

I don't have enough points to purchase the CD. I'll have to build up my points balance by doing quizzes, polls, surveys, games, and by other opportunities from 97 Rock.

Now that you know how to use your 97 Rock Nation account, start building up your points to earn sweet prizes from 97 Rock. If you're not already signed up, what are you waiting for? Join the 97 Rock Nation!