Last week I spent 4 days in Disneyland and had an amazing time. I wore my Seahawks gear every day, all day, and ran into TONS of really cool fans -- both for Seahawks and 49ers. I was like a magnet. It was literally hundreds of people a day.

My wife said, "We leave Tri-Cities, and everybody still wants to talk to you!"

On Friday BEFORE the NFC Championship, the final day I was in Disneyland, I was standing in line with my family for "Pirates of the Caribbean" and some 20-something behind me yells, "Seahawks suck!"

I said, "We won the NFC West and you guys are the fifth seed."

He replied with some immature and ignorant gibberish about 49ers being the best team ever in the history of the NFL. He went on to say how they're going to beat us Sunday and winning how the NFC West was lucky.

I said, "Like the last two times you came to Seattle and got your asses kicked?"

For the record, that was on was Sept 15 and the final score was 29-3 and on Dec. 23 with a final score of 42-13.

The people around me all kind of spoke up and said to the kid, "You just got owned."

So he wasn't happy about it and proceeded to stand right behind my wife and fake cough loudly on my wife's neck and onto my infant son. After he did it a couple times I lost it.

I said, "If you do that again I'm going to punch you in the f***ing throat."

All of a sudden he realized he had a bigger problem than he thought. Then his "boy" grabbed him and pulled him back.

The moral of the story: I'm not scared to knock you out when it comes to my family. Be warned.