Flappy Bird recently took over most mobile users attention spans, but a new title called 2048 is making it's way to people's touch screens. It's a knock off of a knock off, but the game is perfect for taking up any kind of boring moments you might need to endure in life.

2048 a simple numbers game that is similar to those puzzles with the mosaic slide tiles. Slide a 2 into another 2 and create a 4. Continue to combine numbers and create the next multiple. The goal is to get to the number 2048. Every time you make a move, a new digit comes into play and begins to fill up the playing board. If your board completely fills up with numbers before you get one of the tiles to 2048, you lose. The idea is simple, the game play is basic, but winning is more difficult and frustrating than it sounds.

Although the creator of 2048 was originally allowing for donations from people that downloaded the free game, Gabriele Cirulli says he isn't going to try and generate revenue from his game, telling The Wall St. Journal that he “didn’t consider it his own work”.

There may not be anyone cashing in on the game right now, but that won't keep me from spending my fair share of time devoted to beating it. Some form of 2048 is available in your app store for free no matter which you OS have on your mobile device and you can play through your internet browser.

Go play it and start procrastinating.

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