For Seahawks fans, Super Bowl XLIX was one of the toughest memories in our lifetime. It was a heartbreaking loss, but nothing compared with losing a friend or family member in the line of duty. One Seahawks fan put all that in perspective for me when I heard his story.

The New England Patriots visited Walter Reed National Military Medical Center before going to the annual White House Super Bowl Celebration. While there, reports say they were approached by a Seahawks fan asking for a signed football from the team for a soldier killed in action. They had watched the game together and soon after he was killed. The Seahawks fan wanted to give the ball to the soldier's family. Obviously they gave him the ball.

As a lifelong Seahawks fan I don't always agree with coach Bill Belichick, but he gets it right with a quote from the White House,

The trip to Walter Reed this morning, for many members of the team and organization, was outstanding... Those are the real heroes, today and every day for us, that protect our freedom.”

Well said Belichick...well said.