We didn't believe the rumors so we decided to see for ourselves.  Numerous iPhone users have reportedly fallen for a fake web ad saying they could recharge their iOS-8 phone by putting it in a microwave!

According to the website Arizona Central, and also reported by Geek.com and the Independent online in England, a very realistic looking ad was posted on numerous social sites and other web locations claiming you could utilize what's called "WAVE" technology.

The ad explained you would place your i-Phone in the microwave, set the timer, press start, and away you go.  The ad even came with a disclaimer, saying "don't wave-charge your phone for over 300 seconds (5 minutes).

Arizona Central posted a picture, supposedly posted by someone who actually tried this, showing a melted, disfigured i-Phone.

Whether people fell for it by the thousands or not, there have been enough reports that indicate at least a few consumers actually tried this.   Really?

But when you think about how sophisticated technology has become, and some of the outlandish technological advancements these days,  stop and think twice:  I bet you would actually consider it possible, wouldn't you?   You'd probably have called your cell provider first, but who knows?  Maybe someday we will be able to recharge that way.

But until then  this is hilarious - unless you actually cooked your own phone!