Remember the hostage situation and standoff with police last week in Kennewick? THAT SAME APARTMENT COMPLEX had a gang shootout last night near 1800 W 21st Street. A mom with her kids was hurt.

Police have arrested several suspects -- most of whom they believe were being shot at. But none are being cooperative. The apartment complex is riddled with bullet holes and the mom who had shrapnel wounds on her head was sitting in her car with two little kids when the action happened around 10:30.

This was close enough to my neighborhood for me to take this personally.

I'm tired of "identifying the problem."  I want to know what the solution is. What should neighborhoods and neighbors do? A mom in a parked car with two kids has to duck as bullets fly through her car and is injured by shrapnel? What country is this? That happens here?

The desensitization of really bad things that happen to people -- accidental and not -- is getting scary.

I used to be able to remember all the bad things that happened. I can't now -- too many and with ridiculous frequency.

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