We Americans aren't just satisfied with racing stock cars. We like to crash them into each other, chain them together and race them, and tow stuff behind them while we're racing.

On Saturday, June 29 at the Hermiston Super Oval, the exciting and unique trailer race brought the crowd to their feet. Any kind of stock car can enter one of these races, the only rule for entry: The vehicle must be towing a trailer. It can be a boat trailer - with or without boat - a camping trailer, or anything else with two wheels that you can hitch on to the back end of your rig. The object of the trailer race is, to be the last car towing. The last driver still towing their trailer wins! This means the drivers will smash into each other trying to dislodge their competition's trailer. That in it's self sounds exciting, right? Well, what happened this night is like nothing I have EVER seen in my 17 years being around race tracks and announcing.

During the last trailer race, one of the trailers decided to take off on it's own. Watch during the first few seconds of the video below as one racer's boat trailer breaks free, plows into the dirt wall on the East end of the track and launches the boat into the air!

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