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"An Act of terrorism"--WA Secretary of State Steve Hobbs. That's how WA state's top election official described the discovery of four suspicious envelopes that were mailed to voting-election centers, according to The Center Square.

 Four election centers closed as a precaution

County election officials and law enforcement chose to close election centers Wednesday in King, Pierce, Skagit, and Spokane Counties after the envelopes were found to contain a powder-like substance.

The Spokane HasMat Team and police responded to the discovery around 10 AM, after testing the substance it was found to be fentanyl.  Fentanyl can, in many cases, cause serious or even fatal reactions even if handled with just fingers or hands.

It is considered far deadlier than most of the illicit drugs on the streets. According to The Center Square, the Secretary of State's office said during the August 1st primary, voting centers in King and Okanogan County also received suspicious substances in envelopes mailed to the facilities.

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The evidence has been turned over to US Postal officials for further investigation

The Spokane materials tested positive for fentanyl, but no other dangerous or explosive substances.  It appears the envelopes did not contain ballots, but were mailed to each of the centers.

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