It could be because I drove for a living for over 13 years. Maybe it is because people are getting increasingly bad at driving. Perhaps I'm just getting old, and my "get off my lawn" is more like a "learn to drive you [EXPLETIVE DELETED]." But I really dislike hitting the freeway and driving through a specific city.

Without throwing too much shade at my wife, when we do long road trips, I'm the one who usually drives. To her credit, she will offer to drive, unless it is through areas that we know will be heavy traffic (freeway around Portland, OR, for example). But there is one freeway and city that she absolutely refuses, and I dread driving and know I'm not alone. You know what city I'm talking about... Seattle!

Heading to and driving around Seattle can be a pain in the butt. I'm sure the more you do it, the better it gets, and eventually, it doesn't become a big deal, but this "Tour" video blew my mind. Will it help me the next time I head over for a concert or a Kraken game? Probably not. Was it entertaining that someone is having fun and making videos with something that I dread? Heck yes!

The YouTube channel, InterstateKyle took a nice little tour of the freeways around and a trek through downtown Seattle. I'm just glad he successfully navigated Seattle's most dangerous intersection! Check out the video below:

I know I'm being whiny when talking about my road rage and hesitation, especially with Seattle traffic. But am I really alone? What places do you hate traveling to and through? Tap the App and let us know!

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