It would've been the height of irony if it were true.

But no, the actor who plays "Jake, from State Farm," has NOT been murdered by his wife. The Internet rumors apparently originated with  "Huzlers," a notorious urban satirical entertainment website.

We've all seen "Jake." He's the bland sap so many husbands from State Farm Insurance commercials call in the middle of the night to get rate quotes. Then their wives get suspicious, grab the phone away and demand, "Who is this?" He always replies, "Jake, from State Farm," and then he always gets the third-degree question: "What are you wearing, Jake, from State Farm?"

His flat answer is always the same, "Khakis."

Maybe the jealous women in the commercials gave Huzlers the idea for the gag. At any rate, though, the reports are all false.

"Jake, from State Farm's" Twitter puts it all to rest.

It might have been a little more believable if the story would have been, "Justin Campbell, the actor who plays 'Jake, from State Farm,' was murdered by his wife." HA!

It is unfortunate that people read tongue-in-cheek reports from satirical entertainment sites and believe them literally. But it's satire, folks -- those "reports" are full of crap!

Thank God, too, because I cannot see anyone else being that mundane about what they are wearing! Khakis? Come on.